I’m sure he does not love me personally and this entire remark most likely comes down as super dramatic

i’m sure he does not love me personally and also this whole remark most likely comes down as super dramatic and cringy but i feel so stuck. everybody else told me personally to maybe not join up with him but I was thwenking I would personally be described as a genius and get it done anyway. now right right right here I will be.

I understand we don’t really like him which is perhaps perhaps not healthier become with him, but simply when I prepare to split up with him he’ll either will not split up, or let me know which he really loves me personally and I also have always been their fantasy woman and I quickly feel bad. we can’t try this. i’ve a large amount of other stressors in my own life and also this is simply excessively. i don’t know why i can’t simply break up i know that i need to, i just let him get me so upset and chicken out of confronting him with him since. also, he has got some “blackmail” to make use of against me personally.

( absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing super severe, i don’t feel the necessity to get report him or anything., but embarrassing sufficient with it) i had some videos against him, but he deleted them off my phone so i won’t have anything that i do not trust him. please help me find a real method to handle the breakup. we have such strong emotions of worthlessness with him becuase he makes me feel like someone may actually care about me. he is so overproctetive of me he calls me a sl t when i talk to other boys, even boys that i’ve grown up with and are like brothers to me that i find myself not wanting to break up.

I will be frightened exactly how my health that is mental will if we split up with him. i don’t want to go back to my old self destructive practices, but with him i will probably end up with different sets of problems if i stay. I simply need you to definitely let me know whatever they would do within my situation. i don’t determine if anybody will dsicover this or react, but you very much (in advance) if you do: thank. I must say I appreciate it. i don’t have actually any one else to discuss these things with. I really do have therapist, but since this will be a cringy thirty days very long senior school relationship personally I think such as an idiot telling her about any of it.

We truthfully would split up using this man, he doesnt mature masturbation appear to be a really good individual. Do whats best for your needs. Exactly what does your heart inform you? Trust your instincts. He doesnt would like you noises like hes simply a bully. And a controller. Trust in me youll feel a great deal better and itll feel just like therefore weight that is much been lifted off you. After which place a restraining purchase on him. Thats how id get about carrying it out.

I became in a toxic relationship/friendship and i’m now simply realizing it was a toxic relationship. We became buddies about 20 months ago. We came across at only just the right amount of time in our everyday lives once we both had been looking for one thing… I happened to be in a difficult wedding along with been extremely lonely and starved for affection and attention; she ended up being not used to the united states and had no body. We became most useful of buddies very nearly instantly.

After a couple of months she had been identified as having cancer of the skin and since she had no other family right here, much less than a small number of friends, we took in the part of caregiver after which after that my life became about her. Finally i fell in deep love with her. I happened to be blind to her narcissistic tendencies; i needed so very hard to trust she had been the person that is perfect me personally. as time proceeded, we started to see the way I had been never truly 100% delighted for the reason that relationship, but we proceeded to hold on because I happened to be blinded by my ‘love’ on her behalf. she became my globe, every thing used to do ended up being on her behalf and due to her.